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A Trip Down Memory Lane

We’re sure you remember your days at school… the times when you and your friends sat on the last bench and ate your tiffin during class. The times when your best friend ‘helped’ you with the answers to a test, and all you had to do in return was buy an ice cream. The first crushes and some of the most wonderful memories from the best time of your life. We took a trip down memory lane and asked residents and staff about their school days.

Kenneth Hume played the trumpet/French horn Jazz Band 9th -12th grade in Seymour, Iowa.

Charles Craigmile was the only one in whole class until 8th grade at Grant #7 in Clarion, Iowa.

Keith Vest has been married to his high school sweetheart, Belva, for 63 years, Boxholm, Iowa.

Dick Hudson taught history and helped coach football, basketball, and track in New Hampton, Menona, Clear Lake, and Mason City for 37 years.

Harriett Pearson recalls being in a Easter musical at Harding Middle school in Des Moines, Iowa.

Patricia Baccam played point guard on the basketball team for Holy Family in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jodi Adkins remembers the time there was a blizzard in Chicago. School wasn’t cancelled, but her family and 24 other kids were the only ones that made it to school that day.

Michelle Smith is still proud of making the Varsity Volleyball team as a freshman at West Point, Nebraska.

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