Blankets for Karen (kun-REHN) Refugees

We would like to show recognition to Lucy Elrick, one of our Independent Living residents for taking her time to involve herself in community relations in the Des Moines area.

Lucy started last year making fleece tie blankets and donating them to the men, women, and children of the Karen (Burmese) Congregation of the Creekside Church in Urbandale.

From a small group of Karen (kun-REHN) refugees, God has raised up a large congregation of people who care for one another and assist those who are newly arriving from their homeland. The Karen have their own Christian service, kids church, and young adults group. They worship God together and care for one another as they transition to a new life in Des Moines

Last winter Lucy made 36 blankets total. This year she started May 1st and has already made 86 blankets. She purchases the materials herself and during her free time throughout the day, while watching television and relaxing she puts these beautiful blankets together.

This is a wonderful thing that she is doing and we would just like to tell Lucy thank you for being one of those caring people to assist the Karen in their transition.



  1. Posted on 10/27/14 by Gloria

    I know that these have taken hours and hours to make. What a wonderful project of giving to others. Not only of Lucy’s time but at her own expense. Finding your interest, discovering your talent, and putting yourself into action. WAY TO GO!!

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