Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Summer can sometimes prove to be a difficult season to continue working on our Seven Dimensions of Wellness. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a fun, safe, and healthy summer.

Physical: Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water. Also, make time to join in on an exercise class, or two.

Social: Stay social! Join in on a group activity, or even help to start a new one.

Environmental: Stay involved! Share your talents and skills with the community. Help tend the gardens, or help decorate centerpieces for our monthly themes.

Spiritual: Explore somewhere new! Join us on one of our various summer outings to somewhere new.

Occupational: Stay interested! Take up a new hobby, or work on something you have always enjoyed.

Emotional: Stay positive! Try to surround yourself with positive people, and thoughts. If life does get you down, reach out to a family member, neighbor, or friend.

Intellectual: Get creative! Challenge yourself to try something new this summer.

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