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Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation: Getting you home – better, faster, stronger.

Thriving (thr-eye-ving)
1. To grow vigorously; flourish.
2. To make steady progress; prosper

In our Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation neighborhood, The Springs, it is our goal to help our residents thrive by giving them access to services and amenities you never thought existed in a rehabilitation setting. We offer outstanding services in our extraordinary, Medicare-certified community, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, to help patients get home – better, faster and stronger. Our Personal Ambassador Program provides for every comfort and offers a reassuring voice along the way. We help patients restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit physical disabilities from injuries or disease.

We have had the pleasure of helping three individuals thrive at The Village at Legacy Pointe. Please continue reading for resident testimonials.


Jane chose The Village at Legacy Pointe for her Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation needs. She has made wonderful progress and is safely returning to her home with confidence. “I couldn’t be where I’m at today without my therapist Rachel,” said Jane.

Merlyn also made the choice to come to The Village at Legacy Pointe for his Skilled Nursing needs. He has made wonderful progress during his time here and is able to safely return back home, both independent and confident. Merlyn made great progress in therapy and is excited about his new mobility!

Dick came to us after a long stay at the hospital. He was ready to get home by the time he got to rehab! The Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation team helped Dick safely get back to his previous active lifestyle. Dick stated he “feels much better and much stronger!” “No oxygen and no more walker!” Great job Dick and thanks for entrusting in Legacy Pointe to get you home healthy and happy.


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