Thriving Residents – Glenn and Joann Smith

Our thriving residents for the month of February are Glenn and Joann Smith, both Independent Living residents. Glenn and Joann met while living in the same apartment building in Cedar Rapids in 1950 and were married by September of 1952. At the time, Joann was a secretary of a parks manager and Glenn was the assistant manager of a co-op electrical company. Raising their 4 boys in Cedar Rapids, these two had their hands pretty full! Five years ago the couple decided to move to Des Moines to be closer to the kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren. “As long as we were together and the room had 4 walls, it didn’t matter!” said Glenn. Joann and Glenn are very busy with activities daily, joining in a variety of programs. Joann loves joining in crafts, cards, being outdoors and exercise. Glenn spends his mornings exercising and then playing cards and dominoes. The Smith Family is always eager to participate or visit in group settings. These two have a fun, loving sense of humor, laughing and telling inside jokes most of the interview. When asked what the key to a long marriage was, Glenn replied with “The key to a long marriage is when both people feel like they got the best end of the deal.” Joann quickly exclaimed “That’s what I was going to say!”


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  1. Posted on 01/23/17 by Carol Carson

    I. always enjoyed talking to Glenn and Joann when I was working at Legecy. People like this is what I liked working at Legacy.

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