Thriving Residents! Ray and Margie Seeger!

Our Thriving residents for the month of January are Ray and Margie Seegers. One autumn during college, Ray and his brother took a break from helping their parents move and headed to the local roller rink. While there, Ray met his wife of 62 years, Marge. After their initial meeting, Ray returned to college and Marge finished high school. Soon after, Ray was drafted into the United States Marine Corp. He proudly served for 3 years. Marge attended UNI and spent one year teaching. While serving overseas, Ray and Marge got engaged. The couple married on June 6th, 1954.

Married, unemployed, and with a baby on the way, Ray was walking down the street in Mason City one afternoon, and approached a man working in a manhole about a job. That encounter lead Ray to a lifelong career with Northwestern Bell. Starting out as a line inspector, Ray worked his way up to Employment Staffing Manager. Ray and Margie raised 4 children, and have 9 grandkids, and 3 great-grandkids. Ray’s hobbies included coin collecting and woodwork. Margie enjoys reading and activities that involve the children. They are both fans of the Iowa Hawkeyes. After Ray’s retirement, the two spent some time traveling. Ray’s favorite destination was Florence, Italy. Margie enjoyed Lisbon, Portugal the best. The Seegers stay active at Legacy Pointe, attending a variety of the programs. You will find them at exercise in the morning, games in the afternoons, music programs, and church service. You don’t have to spend long with these two to see the love and sense of humor they both share.

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