Thriving at The Village at Legacy Pointe – Independent Living Resident LaVonne Davis

The Village at Legacy Pointe is happy to feature Independent Living resident, LaVonne Davis. Born 1932 in Illinois on a family farm, LaVonne met her husband Dan at the Coliseum Ballroom during a square dance. Married in 1968, Dan and LaVonne lived on a farm where they raised their two daughters, Lisa and Darcy. After the girls were grown, LaVonne went back to work in the Dietary Department for the DeWitt school system, she then retired in 1996. Shortly after that, her and Dan moved to town. LaVonne moved to Legacy Pointe in 2016 and was not afraid to jump in try out some activities. She really enjoys traveling, especially to Hawaii. She also likes to read, look at family photos, play games, watch movies, bake and to go on dinner outings.

When asked what kind of advise she would give to someone moving from another state to an Independent Living retirement community, she replied with “Participate in things they have going on! It makes it easier to meet others and get involved.”

It has been fun watching LaVonne evolve at Legacy Pointe, she has not only personally thrived, but she encourages others to thrive as well.

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